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Certified Financial Planners (CFP)
Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
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Columbia Advisory partners has been providing financial planning since 2004. We service 500+ households and manage 150+ million in assets


We are full-time fiduciaries, meaning we act in your best interests at all times. Our simple and transparent fee schedule eliminates conflicts and keeps you in control

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If you are pretty sure you have money, you just don’t know where it all goes, we have a plan for you. It’s never too late for a spending plan that will reduce your stress around money, and give you the confidence to make your next financial decision


People often don’t have time to deal with their money, right when their money needs them the most. We take care of all the financial details that are often overlooked by an overworked modern household


Generating retirement income is an art… and a science. Learn how to unleash the value of your assets to create sustainable income, reduce taxes, and invest wisely